Behind the Notes of 'The Mystic Hope'.

Behind the Notes of 'The Mystic Hope'.

January 2024

This January has been more than just a start to the year for us; it’s been a deep dive into the essence of our music. Following the release of “The Mystic Hope” in November, this month has been marked by a meticulous exploration of every chord, every lyric, and every moment that brought this album to life.

In recent days, we’ve fully immersed ourselves in creating and releasing videos accompanying our recordings. We’re excited to share not only the music but also the intricate details of our creative process. Particularly, we’ve been amazed by Jaime’s stunning vocals and Ninos’ hidden gem of background vocals, shining in many songs.

For those following us on social media, we’ve crafted an exclusive experience. Each video is a window into our world, sharing behind-the-scenes moments. We wanted each of you to feel the passion flowing in every corner of “The Mystic Hope.”

It’s worth noting that the songs on this album were written by Bengi and Jaime at the early ages of 16 and 17. In a remarkable twist of fate, we re-recorded them in 2023, now at the age of 49, adding an extra layer of meaning to this project.

“The Mystic Hope,” Elko’s first English album, represents a crucial evolution for us. It’s been a journey of artistic discovery and a way to connect with a broader audience. We’re eager to see how it resonates.

January has become a month of musical intimacy, where we share not only our music but also our stories, laughter, and reflections. Each released video is a piece of ourselves we want to gift you. This month is just the beginning; we’re building a bridge between our souls and yours through the notes of “The Mystic Hope.”

We invite you to dive with us into this behind-the-scenes journey of January. Every melody, every word, and every image tells a story we hope resonates with you as much as it does with us. Thank you for joining us on this unforgettable journey.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

With heart,


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