Diving into Sound Details: Our Journey Through the Mastering Process

Diving into Sound Details: Our Journey Through the Mastering Process

Discover How We Perfected Our Latest Album Throughout the Month of August

August 2023

Hello Elkos! From the studio to your ears, August has been a month of sonic refinement, dedication, and hard work as we delved into the process of mastering our latest album, a pivotal step in bringing our music to life and sharing our emotions with all of you.

Mastering is the final step in our pursuit of sonic excellence. Following the intensity of the recording in July at the Barcelona studio, August became a month dedicated to fine-tuning every nuance and detail of our songs. This process goes beyond the notes and lyrics; it's a quest to achieve the highest quality and emotional connection through sound.

Our mastering engineers Tomi Pérez and Jordi Vericat, worked tirelessly to balance the frequencies of each instrument and voice. We aimed to ensure that every element stands out without overpowering, achieving a perfect equilibrium.

Mastering not only involves achieving the best sound quality but also making decisions about the song order on the album. We wanted to create a cohesive experience, allowing the tracks to flow naturally and transitions to be smooth and emotive.

For us, mastering is more than a technical process. It's the culmination of our passion and dedication to the music we create. Throughout August, every note and chord were meticulously tuned to convey our emotions in the most authentic way possible.

As August comes to a close, we remain committed to our mission of delivering music that resonates and fosters a deep connection within each of us. The mastering process stands as a testament to our dedication. Stay tuned for more updates on the release of our album!

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