Behind the Curtain: Putting the Final Touches on Our September

 Behind the Curtain: Putting the Final Touches on Our September

September 2023

The time has come to share with all of you what has been happening in the world of Elko during the month of September 2023. It has been an exciting month, filled with pivotal moments in our journey towards the release of our new album. We want to take you behind the curtains and share with you the details of what we have been working tirelessly to achieve.

From August to September: From Creation to Mastering

After an intense August of studio work, we were eager to enter September to put the finishing touches on our new album. This project is very special to us, as it includes songs that Bengi and Jaime wrote when they were just 15 years old. We wanted to capture the essence of our youth and relive the passion we had back then.

One of the most critical stages in creating an album is mastering, and during September, we immersed ourselves fully in this process. Every note, every chord, and every nuance were finely tuned to ensure that each song is an unforgettable auditory experience. We wanted the music to transport our listeners back to those magical moments of our adolescence.

The Importance of a Meaningful Cover

But it's not just about the music itself. An album is not complete without its iconic cover. During September, we experienced a momentous occasion when we had to choose the image that would be the face of our album. It was a process that involved passionate discussions and deep reflection, but we finally found the perfect image that fills us with happiness and pride, representing all the work of these past months.

The Grand Finale Approaches

With mastering complete and the cover selected, we are one step closer to sharing our new album with all of you. Although we have not yet announced the exact release date, I can assure you that it is on its way and will be a significant milestone in our band's career.

Stay tuned to our social media and our official website, where we will share exclusive previews and details about the official release date. This album is a reflection of our passion and dedication to music, and we can't wait for you to hear it.

See you in the next edition, where we will share more exciting news about Elko and our upcoming release. Until then, await with anticipation!

With gratitude and passion,


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