Preparation of the album The Mystic Hope

We are getting ready for an exciting release after an intense month of work in June 2023. 

We started sharing our challenges and achievements on our social media platforms so that you can join us in the process day by day as we begin to prepare new songs.

Hello, ELKOS!

In this vibrant and intense month of commitment, we are fully immersed in the creation of our highly anticipated first English album release. We want to share everything that has been happening behind the scenes, from passionate rehearsals to the reactivation of our social media.

First and foremost, Jaime has been dedicated to practicing the songs to arrive at the recording studio in top form. His goal is to have his voice in excellent condition by July and meticulously review our most iconic English songs.

Meanwhile, Benji has been deeply involved in the composition process, arrangements, and refining the mixes, ensuring that each song is ready to be taken to the studio. Benji works closely with Jaime to ensure that he feels prepared and comfortable when putting his voice into each of our compositions.

Synchronization and parallel work are essential for our creative process to run smoothly. We have made sure that Jaime is prepared to give his best, so that we can achieve a perfect recording when we arrive at the studio. The combination of our individual energies is what allows us to create exceptional music that we hope to share with all of you very soon.

In addition to our focus on the music, we have also decided to reactivate our social media. We want all our followers to join us on this exciting journey. On platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, we share daily content, providing an exclusive glimpse into our creative process and keeping you updated on our news.

As we move forward into the future, we are excited to share the evolution of our sound and our growth as a band. We are confident that these new releases will resonate deeply within your souls and become a significant part of your musical story.

Join us on our social media as we continue to work towards realizing our musical vision. We are thrilled to have you by our side every step of the way!

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