Recording of the Album The Mystic Hope

After many emotions, in July 2023, we recorded our first album in English.

A month filled with nostalgia and joy as we created a special album with songs composed by Bengi and Jaime when we were 15 years old. 

Hello ELKOS! We want to share with you the emotions and experiences we lived in July 2023, a truly unforgettable month for us. After months of hard work and dedication in preparing our new album, we finally had the incredible opportunity to record it at JVR Studio in the Sants neighborhood of Barcelona, surrounded by the rest of the band (Marc, Vicen, Kako, and Toni), with whom we have enriched our sound. The process of creating this album was simply amazing. On this occasion, we decided to explore new frontiers and chose to have all the songs in English. Each of them takes us on a journey to the past, filling us with nostalgia and memories. The most surprising thing is that we composed these songs when we were in school at the ages of 15 and 16. It's astonishing to see how our youthful musical themes have stood the test of time. JVC Studio in Barcelona was the perfect setting to bring these compositions with so much history and emotions to life. The creative energy and magic that were generated between us and the other members of Elko were simply electrifying. Every note, every chord, and every word were carefully crafted to convey the essence of our past experiences and feelings. After so much preparation and dedication, it was an immense joy to give life to this album in the studio: our songs from our adolescence. Each day, while we were recording, we felt how each song took on a life of its own and how it connected with us in a unique and special way. We are thrilled to know that very soon you will be able to listen to this album loaded with history and emotions. Each song holds a special meaning for us, and we hope they will also touch your hearts in the same way they have touched ours. The month of July 2023 in Barcelona has been a month of hard work, nostalgia, joy, and musical creation. We are excited to share this next chapter of our career with all of you. Thank you for your unconditional support and for being part of this journey with us! You will hear news very soon!


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